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Picture / LinkNameResearch interestsInstitute / Departement
Bärnighausen, Till
  • establishing the causal impacts of large-scale global health interventions on health, economic and social outcomes (especially HIV treatment, HIV prevention, and childhood vaccination)
  • identifying and testing innovations to improve the delivery of global health interventions through public-sector health systems
  • developing new methods for applied population-based health research
Institute of Public Health
Bozorgmehr, Kayvan
  • social epidemiology
  • social inequalities and health
  • health systems research
  • migration and health
  • primary health care
Department of General Practice and Health Services Research
Brenner, Stephan
  • assessing the impact of health financing programs in low-income contexts with a special focus on quality of care outcomes
  • health service provision and health care worker performance (especially maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, emergency and acute care)

Institute of Public Health
De Allegri, Manuela
  • health financing
  • impact and process evaluation
  • economic evaluation with specific application to social health protection and provider payment mechanisms in low and middle income countries

Institute of Public Health
De Neve, Jan-Walter
  • relationship between schooling and health, particularly in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • causal impacts of policy interventions on population health, economic, social and behavioral outcomes
  • improvement of health systems in Global Health

Institute of Public Health
Deckert, Andreas
  • (mental) health of migrants in Germany
  • non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa
  • HIV testing and treatment linkage in key populations

Institute of Public Health
Gabrysch, Sabine
  • maternal and child health in low-income settings
  • infectious diseases
  • malnutrition
  • global environmental change

Institute of Public Health
Jahn, Albrecht
  • post-2015 agenda
  • universal health coverage
  • access to medicines
  • reproductive health
  • migrant health

Institute of Public Health
Jänisch, Thomas
  • clinical epidemiology of dengue, zika, and other arboviral infections

Section Clinical Tropical Medicine
Junghanss, Thomas
  • diagnosis and treatment of neglected tropical / infectious diseases (especially cystic and alveolar echinococcosis, Buruli ulcer, epidemic bacterial meningitis and dengue fever)

Section Clinical Tropical Medicine
Kohler, Stefan
  • global health and economics
  • economic evaluation of health care programs
  • health behaviors and disease prevention
  • maternal health care in Baden-Württemberg
Institute of Public Health
Louis, Valerie
  • control of infectious diseases (especially malaria and dengue)
  • climate change and health

Institute of Public Health
Loukanova, Svetla
  • quality of health care
  • health care financing in developing countries
  • e-learning

Department of General Practice and Health Services Research
Marx, Michael
  • health systems development and research
  • management of health programs
  • evaluations, implementation research and training

Institute of Public Health
Mons, Ute
  • tobacco control
  • cancer prevention
  • epidemiology of non-communicable diseases

Division of Cancer Prevention at the DKFZ
Müller, Olaf
  • epidemiology and control of tropical infectious diseases in community-based research projects espacially on malaria control
  • HIV/AIDS control
  • malnutrition control
  • vaccine-preventable diseases

Institute of Public Health
Neuhann, Florian
  • HIV/AIDS and non-communicable diseases, in particular diabetes

Institute of Public Health
Nikendei, Christoph
  • memory in psychosomatic illnesses
  • psychotherapy research
  • stress prevention among students

Department of Psychotraumatology
Ronellenfitsch, Ulrich
  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Quality of Care in Surgery
  • Multimodal treatment of oncological and vascular disease
Chirurgische Klinik
Sauerborn, Rainer
  • health care financing and quality of care in low income countries
  • climate change and health

Institute of Public Health
Souares, Aurélia
  • access to health care in developing countries
  • adherence to treatment and methods to measure adherence
  • quality of care
  • mixed-methods
Institute of Public Health
Stojković, Marija
  • echinococcosis
  • tuberculosis
  • malaria
  • travelers' health and clinical tropical medicine
Section Clinical Tropical Medicine
Szecsenyi, Joachim
  • quality of care research and health services research, including healthcare providers’ assessment in primary care, hospitals and care networks both at a national and an international level

Department of General Practice and Health Services Research
Wendt, Amanda
  • maternal and child nutrition
  • micronutrient deficiencies
  • mixed methods
  • program evaluation
Institute of Public Health
Wilder-Smith, Annelies
  • vaccine-preventable diseases and emerging infectious diseases (especially dengue, Zika, meningococcal disease, and influenza)

Institute of Public Health
Winkler, Volker
  • non-communicable diseases in low and middle income countries (especially cancer)
  • migrant health (especially from the former Soviet Union)

Institute of Public Health
Zanger, Philipp
  • emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance
  • interplay of innate immunity and human microbiome
  • travelers' health and clinical tropical medicine
  • randomized controlled trials
Institute of Public Health