HGSGH Seminar

Time:      from 10:15 till 11:45; every last Wednesday of month

Place:     K4 in INF 130, Turm West, EG

Time and place may change – watch out for emails or write an email to, please!


List of presentations:

26th June 2019 Berenike Thoma Offspring‘s education and parental mental health
29th May 2019Leon SchützeFacilitators and barriers to the introduction of digital solutions for active purchasing in health: qualitative study part
24th Apr 2019Laura-Marie StieglitzDepression and comorbidities among the aging population in Ukonga Ward, Tanzania
Maximilian SchuesslerExploring Internet Connectivity and the Potential of Web-Based Technologies to Address Unmet Health Needs for Diabetes and Hypertension in LMICs via Large-scale Population-based data
27th Mar 2019Felix TeufelDiabetes and parity
Frithjof SyInvestigating contributing factors to the spread of HPV in Zambia and Malawi, examining the feasibility for integrating these factors in a mathematical model and computer simulation
27th Feb 2019Volker WinklerInformation about the Dr. med. procedures
30th Jan 2019Volker Winkler Research methods: How to deal with missing values
14th Dec 2018Eduardo RamosInequalities in maternal care and insurance status in Peru
Leon SchützeFacilitators and barriers to the introduction of digital solutions for active purchasing in health: A mixed methods case study of the Redesigned Community Health Fund in Tanzania
Jan Ole LudwigCausal Effect of Children’s Secondary Education on Parental Old-Age Survival: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Botswana
Nadine MullerSaving through technology: Design study to identify opportunities and challenges of a mobile phone-based savings platform for healthcare in Madagascar
23rd Nov 2018Berenike ThomaOffspring‘s education and parental mental health
Amir MohsenpourContextual Effect of Housing Quality on Asylum Seekers' Health - a cross-sectional study in a German federal state
Philip Kitchen Expansion of HIV Testing in Eswatini, Factors Underpinning Success
Felix TeufelThe association between childhood hunger and adult Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Evidence from nationally representative health surveys of 30 low- and middle-income countries